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Meyer Plow Moldboard Identification Pictures


Meyer TM-6.5 Snow Plow

Meyer ST-7.5 Snow Plows

Meyer C Series C8 also known as the Meyer Husky

Meyer HM10 Snow Plow

ST Series - There are probably more Meyer ST Series snow plows out there than any other brand or model. One of the reasons is that they were made for 50+ years! During those 50 years there were many changes, many options, many revisions, and many options discontinued. The ST Series was officially discontinued by Meyer Products in November of 2009. It has been replaced by the Drive Pro Series. The ST stands for STandard. It was meant for 1/2 ton trucks. There seems to be a lot of interest lately in the ST-78. The ST-78 was mainly made to fit Jeeps, International Scouts, and Early Ford Broncos. It is too heavy for any vehicle made in the last 20 years or so. Being an ST it used the same formed angle iron ribs on the moldboard, the same shoe brackets, and it used the same Sector as larger ST models. It used a smaller, narrower A Frame that prevented it from being mounted on vehicles carrying an ST-7.5 blade. The mounting ear spacing was closer together than the ST-7.5 A Frame. The ST-78 had two trip springs, and so did early ST-7.5 blades. The ST-7.5 later got 3 trip springs. From 1987 - 1996, Meyer made an ST-7.0 for Jeeps. It had 3 trip springs like the ST-7.5, but it still had the smaller, narrower A Frame. Early ST Series plows had shoe brackets made from angle iron. They were just two little triangles that the shoe spindles slipped into. Later ST Series plows had formed runner brackets for the shoes. IF you are looking at an old Meyer plow, and it has 2 or 3 trip springs, there is a 99% chance that it is an ST Series plow.

C Series - This was also known as the Husky series. The C stands for Commercial. It was meant for 3/4 and 1 ton trucks. The ribs are formed from rounded channel steel. The trip pivots are boxed. They have 4 trip springs, though the Sector has 6 tabs on it for trip springs, only 4 are installed. The reason for 6 tabs is that this Sector is also used on the HM Series. Most C Series plows use 12" PA Rams. Towards the end, Meyer wanted to standardize more, and switched to 10" PA Rams on the C Series, like the ST Series. The C Series was officially discontinued by Meyer Products in November 2009. The C Series has been replaced by the Lot Pro Series.

TM Series - I listed this after the ST and C Series because it came out after them. The Jeep was a strong utility vehicle. Very adaptable. It was easy to upgrade the front end including brakes and suspension to handle a plow, or winch, or make it strong for off roading. The same with the Bronco, and Scout. When the imports gained popularity, and began flooding the market, the ST-78 was too heavy for their front ends to carry. The same went for the American mini-trucks (S-10, Ranger, D-50, Dakota). Meyer developed the TM Series to fit these smaller vehicles. The TM stands for Two Meter. You can see in the picture above it used two short fat trip springs. It used a tubular A Frame for less weight and more strength. The moldboard steel was a thinner gauge than the ST Series. The A Frame mounting ears were wider apart to spread the load out on the vehicle mounting frame. The TM Series was discontinued by Meyer Products in November 2009. It has been replaced by the Drive Pro Series. At the time of this writing, Meyer has also just released the "Home Plow By Meyer", which is even lighter than the Drive Pro, to fit more vehicles.

HM Series - There is not much interest in these as far as people contacting me about them, or what we see in web searches that result in visitors coming to our sites for info. The HM stands for Heavy Municipal plow. It was officially discontinued by Meyer in November 2009 and replaced by the Road Pro Series.


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