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Added 6-24-22

Various E-47, 57, 58H, 60 PA Blocks used over the years.

A look at all the Power Angling Blocks Meyer used on the E-47, E-57, E-58H, and E-60 over the years, followed by a closer look at each.

These three are the oldest and hardest to find these days. There are more of the thin ones out there than the cast or E-48.

Versions 1 and 2 of 15758. These are THE most common you will see out there.

These are the two blocks used on the E-58H. The official change occurred in 2012.

The original "thin" E-47 PA Block. Thin PA Block 2015556 - This is the first design of this block. Back then all part numbers started with 20. Meyer dropped the 20, and stayed with a 5 digit part number (15556). This block has two individual crossover relief valves on the bottom side. They consist of a spring, poppet, and plug. When replacing the srpings (which shatter often), it is important to remember which cavity each poppet came out of. Getting them backwards will cause the plow to not hold angle. The poppets should be "coined" to the seats in that case. GENTLY. The C Check Valve is also replaceable on this block.

View of bottom.

The elusive E-48 PA Block. 11-way PA Block 2015557 - Only used on the E-48. The E-48 was a unit that controlled the front power angle plow and a pull plow on the rear as well. It requires a sump base with 4 ports. All other blocks only require 3.

Side view showing 4 holes.

I got my hands on an E-48 PA Block before I came across one of these. Cast PA Block 15595 - This is somewhat of a unicorn. not many out there. Most likely did not hold up to pressure and cracked. Replaced by a similar billet design. First found on a form dated 1976. Apparently used up until the early 80's but still rare. Has machined flat to fit 4 hole Sump Base.

15595 Cast Meyer E-47 PA Block side view.

This is the second billet aluminum PA Block. It is still the most common you will find out there. Billet Aluminum 15758 - It was used on the E-47 and E-60 up until 2001 when the E-57 came out, with a new high flow PA Block. The hose ports are 1/4" NPT.

Side view.

This block debuted with the E-57 in 2001. It was then used on the E-47 and E-60 as well going forward. Meyer kept the part number, and changed the design of the part. Billet Aluminum15758 Version 2 - This is a higher flow design than the previous. One port is on top, and the other comes out the side on a slight angle. The port on top uses a large 3/4" SAE forged 90° elbow. The hose ports have 3/4" SAE threads. This was the final block used on the E-47, 57, and 60.

Side view.

The 15612 E-58H PA Block. E-58H Original Design - This PA Block was designed in Italy by the company who also designed the V-68 (nightmare) and E-88 PA Block. The threads on the back do not have enough material to stay in shape. I had one customer blow two hoses, one on each truck with brand new E-58H. They were covered under warranty, but it is still a poor deisgn. Note the distortion, the hole did not stay round. Adjustable drop speed screw on side of PA Block with jam nut. Meyer Engineer at the time told me they had thousands fail at that back port. Of course I was the first to alert them of the problem. Installing this PA Block on an E-60 makes it an E-61..

THIS was a HUGE problem..

Not enough meat to hold the pressure from distorting the port. Wall too thin.

Meyer E-58H 16016 PA Block is damn near perfect. Definitely the best they ever made by far. Sealed Deutsch connectors, unlike the new SOS with UNSEALED cheap spade connections. E-58H Version 2 - This PA Block uses the same Bucher (Monarch) Coils and Valves as the E-72. It has adjustable drop speed via the wheel on the side. Installing this PA Block on an E-60 makes it an E-61.




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